About Somsoc

Somsoc, Somsoc is cosmos spelled backwards. 

Because the Cosmos is the Universe and our universe is infinite. As is a piece of Jewelry. A bracelet, a necklace or a mala are all pieces of infinity, that’s why we love making them, emerging us in the moment to create a piece of art specially for you.

"When making jewelry, I depend on whatever flows in the moment. I create what feels right, not knowing what I’m going to make next, it’s the same when I search for stones, beads, crystals, pendant’s and everything else I need to create these one of kind pieces"

I (Nigel) started making jewelry after I had a severe injury. I wasn't able to walk for 6 months. So I was bedridden and partly in a wheelchair with not much to do.

Leaving me with an urge to create and to fill my day's. 

It is therapeutic, I put on incense, binaural or calming music and I started to making, bracelets, necklaces and mala's.

Each piece is handmade and I will never make the same piece twice.

Bracelets, Necklaces and Mala’s 📿 that is what I make. 

It goes so much further than a fashion item....

A certain piece can do so much for you, it holds a story and to each and everyone it’s different....

It can stand for luck, it can hold memories because you bought it some place special or you got it from someone meaningful.

You put it on, on a special day, you believe in it, you pray with it, consider it holy and sometimes even pass it on to someone.

This what Somsoc is to me, and I put that in every piece I make 📿💭

If you'd like a costume piece, don't hesitate to contact me HERE!

Much love,